Safagrow Foliar Fix products are marketed and distributed in Vietnam by our exclusive sole agent Vietnam Unifarm based in Ho Chi Minh City, they are sold under the Safacrop brand.

We work closely with our colleagues in Vietnam to bring fresh and innovative ideas to the market with our products designed to increase both yield and quality whilst also reducing environmental impact.

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Copper: C060

A Liquid Copper Foliar Fertiliser for use as a Nutritional Supplement for Copper Deficient Crops ...

Mn/Zn: C028

A liquid Manganese and Zinc Foliar Feed for the nutritional supplement of Manganese and Zinc defi...


A fluid foliar fertiliser [20-20-20] developed with nutrients and chelated trace elements to impr...

MAX Ca: C022

A soluble liquid containing Calcium, Nitrogen, Magnesium and Micro-nutrients for Foliar Applicati...