See our bespoke ‘Foliar Fix’ range of liquid crop nutrition products, including Suspension Concentrates (SCs), Emulsifiable Concentrates (ECs), Surfactant blends and our exclusive Aloy® micronutrients, innovatively approaching new concepts with our partner R&D business Camari.

Our consultants liaise with exclusive distributors to globally supply ‘Foliar Fix’ products whilst sharing expert advice across Europe and Africa. We pride ourselves on our proactive approach to market requirements tailored to the specific demands of partners and individual crops.

Our UK manufactured products seamlessly adapt to differing climates and crop needs, catering for the Asian market. Our specialist consultants feed back requirements, keeping our range current and up-to date with demands in the rapidly changing market.

We distribute SafapacAsia products across China, priding ourselves on the interaction with end users and current awareness of the marketplace. Our in-house product formulation expertise of 40 years+ combined with our specialist UK factory facility ensure the highest standards of our products.