About Us

Formed in the United Kingdom in 2010, Safagrow Limited is a leading provider of quality liquid foliar crop nutrition products for the agricultural industry. The company was originally established to meet the ever growing demand for innovative foliar nutrition in the European Suspension Concentrate market. Customer satisfaction has resulted in business growth on a global scale – servicing a diversity of distributors and customers.

All of Safagrow products were developed by our R&D business, Camari Limited – part of the Safapac Holdings Ltd. group. The innovative and flexible formulations are all fully EC Fertiliser Regulations compliant and have undergone rigorous accelerated storage stability trials to assure a 2 year shelf life. Camari work closely with Safagrow customers to provide a tailored product experience, offering 40+ years of expert industry knowledge.

Contract manufacturing is conducted by sister ISO9001 company, Safapac Limited, who abide by stringent production standards. With their cutting edge technology and strict quality measures, it is ensured that the manufacture and packing of products is replicable and meets any regulations. All finished products are fully analysed in an onsite QC laboratory facility and batch samples are retained for future reference.

One of Safagrow’s foremost priorities is the provenance of raw materials selected – and to ensure that these raw materials are of consistently high quality with crucial trusted supplier relationships being built. It is highly important that supply chains are traceable back to origin, with particular care being taken towards heavy metals – samples are firstly tested by either Safapac, Camari or in an independent laboratory.

It is these partnerships that allow a fully integrated approach to be taken at Safagrow – overseeing product life cycles from initial concept through to trials then full scale manufacture. The dedicated and knowledgeable team of consultants operate across Europe and Asia to offer advice, identify customer needs and keep Safagrow at the forefront of the rapidly changing market.